Train the Trainer QQI level 6 Cyber Security

The overall aim of this programme is to convert non-professional trainers into professional trainers. It does this through an intensive, fast-moving process that moves from job analysis to the full development of training instructions. They can be used for both on the job and off the job training purposes. Serious attention is given to evaluation methods. It will include design, development and delivery of Cyber content. Video Feedback included.



Learner Profile:

Staff who have been identified to train colleagues in cyber security responsibilities & processes.

What you will get:

· To apply the principles of ADDIE/Systematic training and adult learning. 

· To design, develop and deliver systematic training using the ADDIE approach. 

· Produce training documentation that integrates fully with Quality systems.

· Develop evaluation and assessment methods for training events that meets the National Qualification Standards.

Course Modules

Day 1 

· Introduction, Objectives and Agenda 

· Icebreaker.

· Organisation context for ADDIE/Systematic Training. 

· “Sitting beside Nellie” – What is wrong with her? 

· Competency Models and National qualification standards. 

· ADDIE/Systematic Training Model overview. 

Day 2 Analysis 

· Adult Learning – principles and implications for trainers. 

· Project Selection.

· Job Analysis. 

· Individual Engineering Concepts – process maps and models.

Day 3 Design 

· Writing Learning Objectives. 

· Senses in Learning Process. 

· Multiple Intelligences. 

· Training Design. 

Day 4 Development & implementation

· Main Training Methods. 

· On-the-Job Training vs. Off-the-Job Training. 

· Developing Instructions for Training. 

· Documentation Control. 

· Presentation Skills. 

Day 5 Evaluation 

· Evaluation Model. 

· ROI Exercise. 

· Qualification Models. 

· Records. 

· Plans/Duty aligned Curricula. 

· Tests and their application. 

· Summary.


5 Days + 1 Project Day


QQI Level 6 Certificate