OT Simulator Demonstration

The Meptagon Simulator is a unique piece of kit that demonstrates the unseen vulnerabilities in an Operational Technology (OT) environment. The session will show those areas that are not visibly or easily measured. The transition to Industry 4.0 standards necessitates improved detection and measurement.



Learner Profile:

All Operational Staff.

What you will get:

· Describe types of Threats that are current and set the scene for the need for increased attention and action. 

· Inform Trainees about unseen vulnerabilities in an Operational Technology. 

· Determine what each Employee and Team can do to prevent attacks

· Complete the set practical examination to demonstrate capability

Course Modules

· Introduction and overview of Industry 4.0 and Vulnerabilities in manufacturing and utilities. 

· Distinguish between OT and IT environments and how organisation structure and employee behaviour impede accountability. 

· Simulator Demonstration using standard measures and the real picture. 

· Determine what and how corrective action should happen. What is the next generation of Preventative Software and Hardware?


4 hours Workshop + Demonstration


Meptagon Digital Badge and Certification