Essentials of 3D Construction Printing (2 day)

Provide learners with a comprehensive overview of 3D construction printing including the evolution of 3d construction printing, manufacturer’s type, equipment, the processes, the materials, the opportunities, and limitations of the technology. Potential markets and uses of the technology will be explored together with areas requiring further research. The course hopes to demystify the 3DCP process and provide context to its application, present the opportunities and Business case for 3DCP.



Learner Profile:

This course is for Architects, Architectural technicians, Structural Engineers, Design Engineers, Building Contractors with interest in new Modern Methods of Construction, Product Designers, Quantity surveyors, Research students and Academics.

What you will get:

  1. Comprehensive knowledge of the essentials of 3D Concrete Printing
  2. Recognise the importance of materials in the process 
  3. Detailed knowledge on the Printing Process 
  4. Evaluate the feasibility and viability of using this technology
  5. Understand Health & Safety, Compliance and Regulatory requirements

Course Modules

Day One 

• Recap on Day one 

• Design features of 3DCP 

• Using COBOD software, Revit, Fusion 360 to plan and design your structure 

• Advanced Material Science Expanded Overview 

• Machine operations-practical 

• Preparation/Process/Cleaning of the Printer

• Health & Safety

• Risk assessment for day 3 

• Compliance and regulation

Day Two 

• Actual 3D Printing in HTL R&D Facility Participants will engage in an active learning experience through observation and shadowing at the pump, the batching plant, the print head, and the print computer. 

• Questions and Answer session 

• Feedback surveys


This is a 2 day course.  Prework, workshop including design, development & delivery of cyber content & video feedback.


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