Cybersecurity-Capture the Flag

The workshop aim is to create an event that is both fun, encouraging to beginners and provide real challenges for more advanced competitors. Its main purpose is to find new and cyber talent in a safe way and encourage people to pursue a career in cyber-security. Teams of up to four people will compete to solve 50 challenges across a range of technical domains.



Learner Profile:

Individuals who have played virtual, team games and are considering cyber as a career option. People who have competed in CTF Events before.

What you will get:

· Identify Talent for Cyber Security Roles. 

· Expose Trainees to Cyber world through a series of challenges. 

· Improve Team Behaviours that are vital to Cyber work.

Course Modules

· Introduction to the Cyber Landscape and the need for new Talent. 

· Team Briefing - introduction to challenges, scoring system and time allocation. 

· Play games. 

· Scores and Award Ceremony.


6 hour Workshop Online and Self- Directed


Zero Days Academy Certificate