Cybersecurity-Boot Camp

This authorized CompTIA Security+ Boot Camp trains information security theory with hands-on exercises to help learning by doing. Its aims are to learn how to configure and operate many different technical security controls and leave prepared to pass the Security+ exam.



Learner Profile:

Individuals who are considering cyber as a career option and interested in entry roles.

What you will get:

· Builds on earlier cyber training and experience. 

· Provides an intensive learning experience that illustrates how theory directly translates into practice. 

· Practice exercises that drive competence and prepare for examination.

Course Modules

· Introduction and overview of content and Boot Camp approach. 

· Discover the cyber vulnerabilities before the bad guys. 

· In-depth information security and hacking training into the techniques used by malicious, black-hat players. 

· Hands-on Practice labs. 

· Certification pathway for Ethical Hackers and Pen Testing.


35 Hours online and self-directed