Cyber Security – Realise your Potential

The main purpose of this workshop is to help participants to develop effective behavioural skills to influence others positively in their day-to-day work, and life. The core elements are about building relationships, gaining commitment to achieve objectives and developing a common language.



Learner Profile:

Before the event, learners will be given a number of questionnaires to complete. These include: - 

· Podium Personality Test. 

· Career Pathfinder. 

· EQI (Emotional Quotient Inventory). 

· Organise one-to-one sessions on Personal Reports.

What you will get:

· To investigate career anchors and personality types. 

· To establish what participants, need to do personally and developmentally to support possible career options. 

· To develop an Action Plan that supports career decisions in the Company.

Course Modules

· Introduction, Objectives and Agenda 

· Career Development Model and Career Paths 

· Career Analysis Exercise 

· Overview of Diagnostics 

· Challenging Strengths and Weaknesses 

· Core Competencies – Interpersonal Relationship 

· Next Steps and Action Planning.


1.5 hours.  Online and self-directed


ILM Certificate