Cyber Security Professional Roles

Workshops provide cyber security insights, combined with the aptitudes and required behaviours for work in Cyber Security. This is achieved through a classroom event and a simulated environment. Transfer knowledge of cyber security to use in business settings by imparting the knowledge to become a cyber security professional in the key roles below.



Learner Profile:

Learners can start from a position of little knowledge and then progress to higher levels in more advanced disciplines.

What you will get:

· Introduce Learners to a number of Cyber Roles. 

· Guide Learners to the best career option. 

· Provide introduction and learning pathway for the Role. 

· Indicate the examination and certification process coming next.

Course Modules

· Systems Security Certified Practitioner. 

· Certified Information Systems Security Professional. 

· Certified Cloud Security Professional. 

· Certified Authorization Professional. 

· Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional. 

· HealthCare Information Security and Privacy Practitioner.


2 Days Workshop.  Online and Self-Directed

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