Cyber Security – Presentation Skill

The aim of this workshop is to provide potential presenters with all the techniques to deliver professionally. This is an intensive workshop that provides a structured approach to presentations and affords numerous practice sessions for each key step. Include delivery of cyber content and video feedback for participants.



Learner Profile:

Individuals who need to sharpen their presentation ability.

What you will get:

· Deliver a professional and effective presentation that will put their message across with enthusiasm and clarity. 

· Design and develop presentations that will be professional, impact and successful. 

· Make the best use of visual aids and equipment and avoid the pitfalls of their abuse. 

· Recognise the importance of solid preparation as the key to successful presentations

Course Modules

· Presentation Skills Overview. 

· Initial Presentations Exercise. 

· Knowing your Audience. 

· Defining the purpose of your presentation. 

· Developing the subject material 

· Packaging your presentation. 

· The use and abuse of visual aids. 

· Delivery approaches and skills. 

· Presentation Exercises with Feedback on video. 

· Review of key learning’s. 

· Dealing with group process and questions. 

· Final points and Close


2 Days  Online and Self Directed


ILM Certificate