Cyber Security – Interpersonal Skills

The main aim of this programme is to create a context for interpersonal communication in business and illustrate the main skills needed to communicate and motivate individuals and teams. The programme emphasis short inputs and skills practice. Case studies are used to develop the skills practice activity and participants will be encouraged to use their own workplace examples.



Learner Profile:

All staff, especially individuals who wish to join teams and improve their relationships at work.

What you will get:

· To build leadership capability and competency. 

· To develop the skills necessary to ensure commitment to better people management. 

· To increase interpersonal skills to manage their team effectively and attain goals. 

· To proactively manage employee relationships, teamwork and goal achievement.

Course Modules

· Motivation Theories. 

· Situational Leadership. 

· Interpersonal Skills Overview. 

· Clarification and Confirmation. 

· Building. · Crediting and Recognising. ·

Constructive Criticism. 

· Influencing. 

· Managing Differences.

· Team Dynamics/ Team Roles. 

· “More Bloody Meetings”.

· Facilitation. 

· Running a Successful Team Meeting. 

· Summary, Review and Close.


2 Days  Online & Self- Directed


ILM Certificate