Cyber Operational Technology OT

This programme aims to provide the context for Cyber OT, understanding its critical importance in manufacturing, utility & engineering environments. Identifying vulnerabilities in standard technology and the policy and legal requirements.



Learner Profile:

Staff who have been identified to take cyber security responsibilities. Ideally drawn from manufacturing, engineering and IT Roles.

What you will get:

· Apply the EU & Irish regulations to their own organisation. 

· Assess and improve security controls for Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and Operational Technology (OT) environments & architecture. 

· Carry out critical duties of a Cyber Analyst to scan and test systems to determine vulnerabilities and possible solutions. 

· Manage & present the findings of an in-company, OT Project.

Course Modules

· EU’s Network & Security Directive and its impact on Essential Services. 

· Linux Fundamentals.

· ICS/SCADA Fundamentals. 

· CompTIA Cyber Security Analyst.

· ICS/SCADA Security Analyst Role. 

· CertNexus Certified IoT Security Practitioner. 

· Certified SCADA Security Architecture. OT Project.


Two 3 hour workshops


CompTIA & CertNexus.