Core Skills for Network, Cloud, Virtualisation & Cyber

The aim of this course is to introduce Cloud and Virtualization concepts in everyday computing to include topics such as the benefits of virtual machines, the flexibility of cloud computing and the basics of vSphere components.



Learner Profile:

Individuals who wish to expand their skillset through access to the VMWare Academy to achieve recognised Technician or Professional status.

What you will get:

· Introduce Trainees to the major VMware NSX® components in the data, management and control planes.

· Build and use a Virtual Machine to apply Network virtualization concepts. 

· Consider applications in multiple environments. 

· Assure that all systems are properly secured against threats.

Course Modules

· Data Centre Virtualisations. 

· Network Virtualisation. 

· Digital Workspace. 

· Application Modernisation. 

· Cloud Management & Automation. 

· End Point Security.


3 Hour Workshop & 28 self-directed hours


VMWare Academy