Advanced Cyber Security

The aim of the Advanced Academy is to apply a problem solving, immersive approach to tackle vulnerabilities and attacks. It links to key roles found in a Security Team, namely; Enterprise & Specialist roles including Pen Testing, Cloud and DevOpSec.



Learner Profile:

Staff who have been identified to take network, cloud & cyber security responsibilities.

What you will get:

· Reduce Cyber Risk by building capability that improves decision making and response times. 

· Prove resilience by best use of performance data. 

· Facilitate compliance to demonstrate and meet regulations.

Course Modules

· Introduction to Networking. 

· Introduction to Cryptography. 

· Linux Command Line. 

· Cloud Fundamentals. 

· Introduction to Penetration Testing. 

· Intro to Web App Hacking 

· Secure Fundamentals. 

· Cloud Fundamentals. 

· Intro to Web App Hacking. 

· Introduction to Incident Response. 

· Packet Analysis. 

· Introduction to Incident Response. 

· Compliance. 

· Autopsy. 

· Networking. 


· Modern Encryption. 

· Scanning. 

· Encoding & Historic Encryption. 

· Elastic Stack. 

· Ethics & Laws. 

· Modern Encryption. 

· Staying Safe Online. 

· Cyber Safety. 

· Archive. 

· Packet Analysis. 

· Compliance. 

· Packet Analysis, Wireshark. 

· CVEs (xtagstartz2018), CVEs (Web App Hacking)


This is a 3 hour workshop with 28 hours self-directed learning.


Immersive Labs Academy.