ACISA XDR Overview

This course introduces Trainees to the new generation of security software. ACSIA XDR Plus is a world leader and true innovator involved in the real-time detection and response of cyber-attacks for hybrid cloud enterprises.



Learner Profile:

Individuals interested in the latest preventative cyber software products and technology.

What you will get:

· Introduce Trainees to alternative approaches to cyber security through ACSIA XDR methodology. 

· Demonstrate how the technology works in comparison to the older approaches. 

· Deploy the software and see the results.

Course Modules

· Introduction to Networking. 

· IntPacket Analysis, Wireshark. 

· CVEIntro to Web App Hacking. 

· Modern Encryption. 

· Introduction to Networking. 

· Compliance. · Scanning.


4 Hour Workshop


4Securitas Academy