3D Certified User Training

This course takes individuals from beginner level knowledge through to being competent users of an Ultimaker 3D printer. It provides the learner with a strong grounding in how to configurate and operate a printer on a day-to-day basis.



Learner Profile:

New user / Inexperienced user/ someone wanting to further their knowledge of 3D printing (Not an advanced user course)

What you will get:

  • Understand the process from taking a design through slicing, setting the slicing parameters and set up a print
  • Know how to use the Ultimaker material selector for selecting appropriate materials for their print 3. Understand how different materials need different slicing settings and processing parameters, and the different types of supports required when slicing a model
  • Understand the FDM process and how the Ultimaker has enhanced features to aid successful printing
  • Orientate a model in the slicing software for printing and set up the slicing parameters and advanced slicing settings
  • Be able to conduct basic troubleshooting on the printer and with unsuccessful prints
  • Be capable of identifying the different parts of a 3D printer
  • Be able to set up the printer for different materials
  • Be able to perform the monthly, 3 monthly and yearly maintenance tasks on the 3D printer


Module 1: Installation

Module 2: Hardware Overview

Module 3: Software and Machine Operation

Module 4:Ultimaker Essentials Overview

Module 5: Sample Part Printed Project

Module 6: Review of Part Printed Project

Module 7: Optimisation of parts for 3D printing

Module 8 :Materials for 3D printing

Module 9: Troubleshooting


Ultimaker training accredited by 3DGBIRE in partnership with Inspire 3D