3D Application Training

This course provides the learner with the practical knowledge which allows them to identify applications that are suitable and provide cost savings with Additive Manufacturing, and to provide the ability to reverse engineer parts for Additive Manufacturing. Duration: 1 Day.



Learner Profile:

Learners applying for this course should have a good understanding of FDM 3D printing and wanting to take their knowledge to the next level (3+ months experience). A working knowledge of CAD is desirable.

What you will get:

  • Learning Outcomes:
  • Understand the applications identification and testing process.
  • Understand the stages of identification and reverse engineering, and the different types of reverse engineering.
  • Understand how 3D printing provides an opportunity to Reproduce, Recreate, Redesign and Rethink an application and what is involved in each of these stages.
  • Identify application opportunities, identify which of the 4R's are applicable for the application and select potential materials for testing.

Course Modules

  • Assess the value of an Additively manufactured part.

  • Design Parts for AM by applications requirements.

  • Learn how to select a material for a specific application.

  • Identify how, when and where AM can create value across the entire product life cycle.


Autodesk Certification